Single-Family Residential


6,900 sf


In Construction


Executive Architect: Vertoch Design Architects

Contractor: Ginter Construction

Structural Engineer: DHL Engineers

Civil Engineer: FORMA Engineering

Landscape Architect: New View Landscape

Palisair residence is a unique project that was dictated by the terrain of the site. From the main street, the house presents its self as a modern single-story structure with articulated extrusions cladded with limestone blocks. However, the steep slope allowed to create a project that has three levels, each of them opening to a magnificent view of the ocean.


The first floor is divided into three distinct areas articulated by the ceiling height. The first area -  the formal living room, with its double-height ceiling seemingly flows into the outdoor deck to reveal the ocean view. On the right kitchen and breakfast area were designed to blend the indoor and outdoor. This was achieved by the use of a teak volume ceiling extending into the outdoor deck and disappearing sliding corner doors. The third area on the left houses office and guest rooms.


The basement of the house features a family room, master bedroom, two family bedrooms, a theater, and a gym. All of the bedrooms open directly onto the pool deck with 36’ wide infinity pool and lounge area. Introduction of the light well between the gym and family room allowed to create a basement that is always flooded with daylight.


The last terrace features a pool bathroom, accompanied by the kid’s backyard playing area, and is connected by the contemporary side stairs all the way to the first floor.


PHOTOGRAPHS BY Steve Ginter Construction